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Carton digital press news 12.02
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With the continuous change of policy orientation and downstream consumption habits, in the new manufacturing era, the carton packaging industry also needs to be suitable for small batch and personalized customization. In the future, the demand for carton packaging is the combination of protective shell and decoration, which will present the trend of green, low-carbon, recyclable and personalized customization. With the advent of Internet industry era and the vigorous development of e-commerce economy, there are more and more personalized carton processing and small batch customization. Carton digital printing machine is favored by many packaging and printing fields because of its simple and fast workflow and high variability.

Qingzhou Yiheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of digital printing equipment. Since its establishment, the company has launched a number of typeless printing machines, such as UV tablet, yh25-2h, yh25-4h, yh25-8h and yh25-16h. The average speed is 500 square meters per hour, 8 groups of nozzles (using the original Japanese Epson nozzle), each pass can print 271 mm.

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