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Advantages of carton printing machine
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In the global pursuit of green environmental protection and pollution-free environment, corrugated box printless digital printing machine has emerged in line with the times. Corrugated box printless digital printing machine uses water-based environmental protection ink, which has no impact on the surrounding environment, and there is a special recycling device for waste ink produced in the printing process.

Traditional printing machine in the hanging plate debugging this link generally takes at least 30 minutes to 50 minutes, if it is proofing multiple sets of printing samples, it is more likely to take about 2 hours, or even more. Corrugated box printless digital printing machine can save more than 30 minutes of time and production capacity of high-speed traditional printing machine in 1-2 minutes from opening the draft file to printing, and the cumulative benefit is very considerable.

One person with a little computer skills can operate it. Unlike the traditional printing practice, which requires a master level to operate, it greatly saves labor costs in terms of the number of operating staff and salary level.

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