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Carton packaging is recognized as green packaging products by virtue of its renewable characteristics
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At present, digital printing machine is suitable for small batch orders or personalized orders in the field of corrugated packaging printing. With the rapid development of e-commerce market, the demand for personalized customization will certainly increase further, which means that the outbreak of digital printing in corrugated packaging industry is only a matter of time.

Carton packaging is recognized as green packaging product because of its renewable use. It has many advantages in energy saving, resource saving and environmental protection. Its development has been supported by national policies.

There are many domestic enterprises engaged in packaging industry, the concentration of packaging industry is relatively low, and it is in the stage of full competition with high degree of marketization. According to the statistics of China Packaging Federation, by the end of 2015, the national packaging enterprises have developed to more than 250000, of which more than 30000 enterprises above the scale have been developed. In general, the independent innovation ability of packaging industry in China is not enough, and most enterprises do not have the R & D ability to meet the market demand. Domestic packaging manufacturing enterprises are generally small in scale and single in product structure, which cannot meet the increasingly complex customer needs in the technical research and development and manufacturing of packaging products. The lack of the overall innovation ability of the industry has become an important factor hindering the development of the packaging industry in China.

The essence of traditional printing is a process of mass copy, which needs printing plate. However, with the development of the times, the technology in different fields is updated, the customer requirements for printed products are also higher and higher, and the demand for personalized orders and small batches is also increasing.

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