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Characteristics of carton digital machine
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Detailed description of digital printing machine features:

1: Nozzle ink supply system

1: Without plate making and washing machine, CMYK four primary color spray printing mode is adopted, and multi-color printing is automatically generated through computer output, which is convenient, low-carbon and environmental friendly.

2: The nozzle is fixed by one button installation, which can be installed and used immediately without adjustment.

3: New nozzle cleaning mode, automatic cleaning, no need to adjust frequently, more ink saving, more stable.

4: Brand new automatic industrial ink supply system, visible two-stage ink cartridge, negative pressure control, ink more stable, better effect.

2: Mechanical transmission control system

1: The whole machine adopts independent PLC control system with high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and good man-machine interaction.

2: The use of larger torque servo motor with high precision cycloid pin gear reducer, higher precision, faster speed, more stable performance.

3: The power roller of high precision cylindrical grinding is used to drive the belt transmission, which makes the transmission more accurate.

High strength rail beam, integral processing, silent rail with flatness error less than 0.05mm, printing plane more stable, higher precision.

4: The paper gap of the driving roller can be adjusted to 0.2mm, and the corrugated paper will not be flattened or damaged.

3: Control system of paper feeding and conveying

1: Front automatic paper feeding, needle light control, stable and fast paper feeding. It can print multiple copies and multiple sheets at the same time. It is the first in China to print multiple copies and multiple sheets at the same time. It has high stability, faster printing speed and production capacity.

2: The paper feeding section is equipped with a telescopic paper carrier, which is convenient for the transportation of long and large paperboards. The long paperboard of about 2m can be placed normally.

3: The paper transmission, the whole process of paper feeding, air absorption, pressure roller auxiliary, ensure the paper smooth, printing effect is better.

4: The suction system adopts two 3KW large air volume fans, with strong wind force, stable and reliable.

5: The air suction of the printing area is divided into six areas, with the adjustment range of 1200-2500mm. Meet most paper widths.

4: Refrigeration system (optional)

The whole machine is equipped with refrigeration and air conditioning (standard without air conditioning, optional), to eliminate high temperature. Printing time is longer and efficiency is higher in high temperature environment.

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