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Environmental requirements for the use process of carton digital printing machine
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Using ink

Use the word-of-mouth ink that others have used, use the ink from big factories, and use the general ink. In the current industry situation, most of the ink is not very different.

There is something wrong with the placement of the machine

Humidity and temperature are one of the reasons for the plug

Temperature: keep about 20-25 ℃, the ink above 30 ℃ is easy to agglomerate, the jelly like appearance is easy to cause plug, and the evaporation and drying of the ink at the nozzle will be accelerated!

Try to keep the humidity as high as possible. The humidity should be above 40! Humidity should be above 40, too dry environment print head easy to dry up.

Light: UV ink curing when exposed to light is a basic common sense. The nozzle exposed to the outside has strong light, and the ink tube exposed to the outside also has strong light. It can cause ink drying plug, so the machine should not be placed at the door or the window where the sunlight can be directly directed, and the sunlight should not enter the room of the printing studio or the printing equipment, and it should rely on the internal lighting of the room Natural lighting, so it is not easy to cause plug phenomenon.

The third reason: the wind, the air flow is too strong, many people in the summer workshop do not install air conditioning, but installed a large fan on the window, strong ventilation, the air flow is too fast, resulting in nozzle drying very fast, because the wind is big, ink solvent evaporation will soon dry, easy to plug!

The fourth reason: there is a lot of dust in the place environment. The dust will enter the ink, adhere to the nozzle, enter the ink bottle, and plug the head!

The fifth reason: winter temperature is too low, resulting in increased ink viscosity, fluency, print out or cause broken ink!

The sixth reason: if there is no negative pressure device installed, the ink level of the positive pressure ink bag is too low, and the ink level is required to be more than 20 cm higher than the nozzle! The requirement of using negative pressure ink bag is about 20cm lower than the nozzle! Installed a negative pressure system, negative pressure is too large, easy to insufficient ink, easy to break ink drawing! Negative pressure is too small, easy to drop ink, easy to accumulate ink, easy to break ink!

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