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How much is the paperless digital printing machine
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How much is a carton printless digital printing machine? I believe all of us will consider these problems. With the vigorous development of e-commerce market, the demand for personalized customization will grow further. The short order business of hundreds, dozens or even several cartons is very common in the carton packaging business. It has always been the boss of carton packaging and printing enterprises A headache. It is more important to choose a suitable equipment for our own production capacity.

The purchase control of paperless digital printing machine is an important link. The printing equipment with good performance is very important to improve the production efficiency and product quality of the carton. The purchase control of carton printing machine should be based on the guarantee of machine performance and printing adaptability, and the price is relatively appropriate. Only in this way can the printing quality and production cost be well considered. Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer with relatively large production capacity and scale, strong manufacturing technology, good product quality and considerate after-sales service. Instead of just considering the price.

So how do we choose the paperless digital printing machine?

1. Understand the performance and use of paperless digital printing machine

There are many types of paperless digital printing machines for cartons. The understanding of the performance and use of the carton printing machine is related to the fit of the selected machine with the characteristics of the product and its use efficiency. When buying the paperless digital printing machine, we must go deep into the market for careful investigation and consultation. Only in this way can we accurately grasp the performance of the printing machine, and then select the paperless digital printing machine which is most suitable for the production of product characteristics. Consumers can not only go to the equipment manufacturers to understand, but also go to some manufacturers with paperless digital printing machine to understand the actual operation and use of the carton printing machine.

2. Know the technical skills of paperless digital printing machine

Through in-depth market research to determine the specific types of paperless digital printing machine, but also need to carefully understand the technical performance of this kind of carton printing machine, in order to best meet the requirements of production. The technical performance of the carton printing machine includes the specifications of the machine, printing format, radiance, printing material thickness, etc.

2. Understand the price of paperless digital printing machine.

The price of paperless digital printing press is related to the final production cost and profit. The buyer must get rid of the misunderstanding that the more expensive the better quality and the cheaper there is no good product. In fact, many high price carton digital printing press quality is the same as ordinary printing press. Therefore, consumers must investigate, compare, or ask professionals in the market to find equipment manufacturers with high cost performance.

Choosing a satisfactory paperless digital printing machine is bound to take into account all aspects of talent. Therefore, if someone wants to buy a high-quality carton digital printing machine at the moment, it is obviously indispensable to comprehensively consider the above four aspects: manufacturer, equipment type, price and after-sales service.

Qingzhou Yiheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of digital printing equipment.

Main technical parameters of Yiheng paperless digital printing machine: speed up to 500 square meters per hour, 8 groups of high precision nozzles (using the original Japanese Epson nozzle), each pass can print 271 mm.

Feature Description:

No plate making, washing machine, CMYK four primary color spray printing mode, convenient and fast, low carbon.

The use of large torque servo motor with high precision cycloid pin gear reducer, high precision, fast speed, stable performance.

The power roller of cylindrical grinding with high precision is used to drive the belt and drive accurately.

High strength rail beam, overall processing, silent rail with flatness error less than 0.05mm, stable printing plane, high precision.

New nozzle cleaning mode, automatic cleaning, no need to adjust frequently, ink saving, stable.

The nozzle can be installed with one button without adjustment.

The paper gap of the driving roller can be adjusted to 0.2mm, and the corrugated paper will not be flattened.

The paper conveying system can make the paper flat and print well.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC, with high stability, strong anti-interference ability and good man-machine interaction.

Two 2.2kW high wind fans are used in the suction system, which is stable.

The air suction of the printing area is divided into six areas, with the adjustment range of 1200-2500mm. Solve most paper widths.

Paper feeding, stable paper feeding. Four pairs of paper can be fed and printed at the same time.

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