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Advantages of printing technology of paperless digital printing machine
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The promotion of printing technology of paperless digital printing machine makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional printing industry of carton printing machine to a great extent, so that the market demand can be met.

With the rapid integration of traditional industry and Internet, great changes have taken place in manufacturing industry. With the continuous improvement of consumption level, consumers' shopping concept and channel become more and more personalized. Gradually from the original large-scale assembly line production to large-scale customized production transformation, the new generation of consumers' pursuit of freedom and personality makes them enjoy more and more privileges, customized market gradually expanded, we ushered in a new era of industrial production.

The market demand for fine packaging, small orders, fast personality and variable technology is increasingly obvious,

The biggest advantage of paperless digital printing machine is no plate making, which saves plate making time and plate making cost. Traditional relief printing needs a lot of time and cost in plate making, especially for the medium and high-speed machines commonly used at present, the plate making cost is higher. For some products with small batch orders, the comprehensive cost of inner plate accounts for a large part.

When some customers launch new products or carry out initial marketing, the quantity of products is small, so traditional printing is not suitable. Using the paperless digital printing machine, you only need to set the manuscript to the format that can be recognized by the equipment, adjust the required size and typesetting, and then you can directly input it into the machine for printing. The manuscript can be provided on the same day, and the printed matter can be produced on the same day. There is no need for plate making and the cost can be saved.

The ink diluents used in traditional relief printing are all organic solvents, which are strictly controlled by the policy. The ink used in the paperless digital printing machine fully meets the requirements of non-contact food grade, which meets the requirements of the European Union, the United States and China for food packaging, and achieves zero emission in the production process.

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